2quit is an AI system that helps smokers gradually quit smoking by maximizing support from their loved ones.


Loving a Smoker
Can Be Hard for Both.

There are over 1 billion smokers in the world. It not only affects their health but also affects these people’s friends and families. The relationship between a smoker and their non-smoking loved one can create issues, and both parties have difficulties they need to overcome. The smoker has to quit smoking while the non-smoker has to patiently support them. I wanted to create something that would help both sides.

2quit was worked on by an amazing team of four. My role was leading the UX and product development side of this project. The final design has been partly revised by me including its name, from "Grip" to "2quit".

Andy Kim, Echo Cho, Stephanie Huang, Wenyu Xu

Who is it for?

For smokers who want to quit smoking gradually.

And for the lovers of smokers who want to help them quit through encouragement and better advice on decision making.


Help smokers quit smoking gradually with the support from their loved ones. 

Smoker numbers edge close to one billion.

Here are some surprising facts about smokers around the world. 

There are

1 Billion

smokers in the world.

Among 1 billion smokers, there are

750 Million

smokers that are trying to quit smoking.

Even more suprisingly

only 7% 

52.5 million, succeed in quitting.

Qutting smoking is definitely not easy.

Only 7 percent of smokers quit smoking successfully. What are some of the methods that were more successful?

Abrupt vs Gradual Smoking Cessation

In the case study titled, “Gradual versus abrupt smoking cessation"

In this U.K. study, 697 adult smokers (mean cigarettes daily, 20) were randomized to set a quit date and stop smoking abruptly on that date or to set a quit date and cut back gradually for 2 weeks before quitting.






Effective Wise

Those who quit abruptly stuck to it the best, about 25% better than the gradual cessation group. 

Preference Wise

Interestingly, 51% of all participants said they would have preferred gradual cessation, and 32% preferred abrupt cessation. 

Smoker's Need

Cold turkey is more effective, yet, gradual cessation is more preferable.

What can a supporter do?

We now understood what they want from themselves. But how can a supporter truly help smokers to quit smoking?

We were fortunate to have two non-smokers who helped their partners to quit share stories of their successes and failures from doing it together.




"I helped my wife by thinking of ways to distract her such as with her favorite desert until the craving passed."

"We celebrated every success and milestone. One day, one week, or one year are all reasons to celebrate."




"Supporting Ben (husband) to quit smoking was frustrating and exhausting... But patience and positivity kept my faith in him and that reminded him that he had full support from me.

"This was not just his challenge but ours, because we were planning to have a baby together."


1. Balance of Attention
A good balance of attention keeps the trust between each other.

2. Staying Motivated Constantly
A reminder of smoker's key motivation helps to keep them from falling to a habit trigger.

3. Quick Respond to Craving
Understanding a smoker's trigger helps both of them to respond to them more effectively.



Create a system for both parties that provide spaces for the patience and trust with each other that leads to having a better balance of relying on themselves and each other.

Create an experience for smokers where quitting smoking gradually becomes as effective as going cold turkey by training them to have a better response to triggers.

Their needs and motivation.

Understanding the needs and pain-points of both sides allowed me to set a targeted persona to design for.



The Quitter



The Supporter

"I wish to quit smoking gradually in an effective way without getting too much pressure and attention from Sarah. I just wish to hope Sarah would fully trust and encourage me on this."

"I want to help Andy quit smoking successfully but I wish to do it in a better way so that he sees my trust in him."

"We need to provide a healthier environment for our children."


"2quit" has three components.

An app, a quitter's ring, and a supporter's ring.


1. App

The 2quit App shows the quitter’s quitting progress, the daily and full quit plan, and helps both the quitter and the supporter make wiser decisions in their daily lives.


2. Quitter’s Ring

The quitter’s ring records the quitter’s cravings and tracks his/her smoking. It allows the quitter to send SOS vibration to the supporter.


3. Supporter’s Ring

The supporter’s ring sends alerts and notifications to the supporter and creates an instant connection between the quitter and the supporter.

Gentle checks and balances.

We needed to find a good balance between making sure the smoker does not feel too much pressure and providing them with gentle assistance.


Smoke signal.

Universal language...
Red means "you can't smoke" and green means "you can smoke".

Negotiating with an AI.

We found a solution using flexible AI that would give these smokers the ability to negotiate within the plans that they originally planned to stick with.

For example, if the user had planned to smoke up to 3 today but wants to do more, instead of stressing out about slipping, the user can negotiate with the 2quit AI to help the smoker not lose motivation by getting a second chance by decreasing number or staying at the same level and not losing the momentum.


Tracking smoking triggers.

There is also a feature to track your triggers. By holding on the button for more than 3 seconds, quitter’s ring will record that you just experienced a trigger. Later on, via quantitative data, 2quit shows what periods of time you experienced the most triggers, informing both smoker and supporter to be careful at those times. The smoker now understands when he is most vulnerable and the supporter knows when he needs a distraction.

2quit app will constantly encourage the smoker when they have overcome their triggers and challenge them to decrease the amount of smoking.


Support from the loved one.

To help the smoker when he/she is having a trigger, but wants to overcome it, the supporter can always be there to help. The main reason for the supporter to have a ring is to provide an emotional connection between both wearers in their commitment to travel down the same path to a smoke-free life together.

The supporter’s ring sports a vibration feature, providing instant feedback when they receive an SOS message from the smoker. Holding the button for more than 6 seconds will send a vibration to the supporter as a symbol of emotional support.


Displaying current status.

2quit app is a great way to keep track of a smoker’s progress. The smoker may share his/her progress with the supporter and the app makes it simple to plan out your daily habit of when to smoke.

Woman Getting Divorced

No getting off the hook.

Smoker’s 2quit ring has a system to alerts the smoker and the supporter when it has been taken off during the journey, the set period of time that the user has committed to when they first started. 

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